Classics Package ($250)


This package comes with the following:

  • Books & Brew Canvas Tote Bag

  • 2 $25 Restaurant Gift Cards to one of our community neighbors in the Eugene and Springfield area

  • 6 Beer Coupons to enjoy at Plank Town Brewery

  • 2 Bottles of Wine provided by Main Street Market OR $25 Gift Card to Palace Coffee and Bakery

  • 1 Books & Brew T-shirt & 2 Commemorative Stainless Tumblers

  • Book chosen from a book list curated by Springfield Public Library Librarians

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Tote Bag

1 Tote Bag


Bartolotti's Pizza Bistro, Bartolotti's Pizza Bistro + Fisherman's Market, Bartolotti's Pizza Bistro + Plank Town Brewing Company, Fisherman's Market + Plank Town Brewing Company, Fisherman’s Market, Plank Town Brewing Company


6 Beer Coupons


Main Street Market: 2 Bottles of Red and White Wine, Palace Coffee and Bakery: Coffee Card, Main Street Market: 2 Bottles of Red Wine, Main Street Market: 2 Bottles of White Wine


All Systems Red, As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales…, Little Book of Hygge, Midnight Library, One Day Smarter, Outside, Inside, Pachinko, Run: Book One, Sea in Winter, Thanks a Lot, Universe, The Overstory, The President and the Freedom Fighter, The Song of Achilles, The Thursday Murder Club, Too Bright to See, We All Play, Will, Zonia's Rain Forest


2XL, Custom, Large, Medium, Small, X-Large


2 16oz metal tumblers

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